Safety and the Single Woman in 2022

April Hawkins, Ask A Bitchface
3 min readJan 2, 2022

Long before I started writing to you fine folks here on Medium, I wrote a series of articles for single women and their safety. This was largely due to all of dumb ass things I was seeing the single women around me perpetrate.

From going on dates with men from dating apps without telling anyone of their plans, to picking up strangers in bars, these women were throwing caution to the wind. It was really pissing me off, so I wrote the series hoping these dumb bitches would get a clue.

Of course, for 2022 we have to factor in global pandemic issues. It’s a fact that our jobs can act as a safety net for us. If we don’t show up to work on a Tuesday morning, someone’s boss is going to be pissed and start blowing up the phone lines. Now, though, we don’t necessarily need to be at the office on Tuesday morning.

What does that mean for our safety, single ladies?

You better update your contacts.

Anytime you lose one line of defense, you need to replace it with another line that is as strong or stronger than what you had. If you’re not required to go to the office, you should have some point of contact with a person who will notice and take action if you don’t check in.

I’m not talking about your flighty ass homegirl who may not remember that y’all haven’t talked in…



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