Technology Can Help Women In Trouble

Trafficking victims can be located

April Hawkins, Ask A Bitchface
4 min readJun 12, 2024
FaceMRI application
FaceMRI locates human trafficking victims

We’ve all heard the horrible statistics. The stories of women, stolen away from their families, forced into prostitution by men who pretended to care for them.

It’s the most common way women are lost to trafficking. They meet a guy, he claims to be her “boyfriend”, gets her hooked on drugs, then puts her on the street to pay off the debt for “taking care of her”. Sometimes they’re shuttled between strip clubs, but many times, they’re listed on the adult hookup or dating websites.

These are ads for prostitution, make no mistake. And most times, those women aren’t posting themselves there. It is that “boyfriend” posting her, and that woman is being sex trafficked.

I am a domestic violence victim advocate and writer of all matters in women’s self defense. My work often intersects with human trafficking and I’ve witnessed it more times than I care to elaborate on. It’s an ugly truth, and often times, these women are convinced that, even if they managed to escape, nobody would want them back after what they’ve gone through.

Of course, if it were your daughter or sister who was being trafficked, you would probably feel differently. I know I did when it was my own sister, addicted to heroin and trafficked by a “boyfriend”. My…



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